The Moral Decay and Degradation to the American Society Stemming From the Foreclosure Judiciary

Judicial ActivismIt’s just an observation, but it certainly appears that foreclosure judges have been given orders to squash homeowners like a bug at the lower court level and if they can afford to appeal – maybe, just maybe, they might get some fair and balanced justice. The process so far has been highly unbalanced. Whether foreclosure judges are just not competent enough to understand the securitization, rehypothecation and securities scheme, or whether they’ve been told by higher-ups that if they don’t rule against homeowners all their pensions will be lost or the economy will crash – it’s just a bizarre and pathetic state of mind. Continue reading


Attorney Affirmations – The FORECLOSURE HOUR Topic this Sunday – 3 pm HST

By Sydney Sullivan

TFH logoDeadly Clear’s Editor, Virginia Parsons, will be a guest this week on Hawaii’s premiere foreclosure defense radio program, THE FORECLOSURE HOUR (Sundays 3 pm HST / 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST on Honolulu KHVH radio), with Hosts and Honolulu’s dedicated defense duo – Gary Victor Dubin and former Gov. John Waihee discussing Attorney Affirmations.

Hawaii and New York are the first states to have made mandatory Attorney Affirmation legislation. Judges in New York first required the attorney affirmation in 2010 and it subsequently became law: Continue reading