It’s Here! It’s Wimpy, but Yvanova is finally here.

We’ve all waited with bated breath for the “Happening” of the California Supreme Court decision in Yvanova vs. New Century Mortgage Corporation a case, as the Supremes put it, “granted plaintiff‘s petition for review, limiting the issue to be briefed and argued to the following: “In an action for wrongful foreclosure on a deed of trust securing a home loan, does the borrower have standing to challenge an assignment of the note and deed of trust on the basis of defects allegedly rendering the assignment void?“”

While Yvanova wins the appeal, the Supremes’ opinion is less exciting than hoped for – yet it had some redeeming qualities when you look deep into the opinion and the footnotes. It sorta keeps you Hangin’ On (pun intended). Continue reading

Idiot Decisions – Calculated Incompetence or Lack of Adequate Intelligence?

By Sydney Sullivan

Learn something newFor most of us education is an ongoing process.  Whether you are a professional, labor force, homemaker, just a kid or retired we are constantly learning – all of us… except some (but not all) judges, because when they get behind the bench in the black robe, all of a sudden their comprehension and quest for knowledge is severely dulled, yet they still roar like an angry old goat. 

You would think judges in Hawaii would be more compassionate to those folks losing their lands since it was only a little over 100 years ago, in 1893, when Hawaii was invaded by American businessmen, who overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and forced an illegal territorial annexation to the United States. Continue reading

Governor Abercrombie – “Do Not Let the AG Sign The Multi State Bank Settlement”


To be delivered to: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate and Governor Neil Abercrombie

The public deserves to know the whole truth about the banking Ponzi scheme that is taking us to the brink of a World Wide Great Depression.

Aloha AG of Hawaii –

We need a more comprehensive investigation before the financial institutions at the heart of the crisis are granted broad releases from liability… PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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