It feels like State and Federal Legislators don’t have a Clue about what real-life Americans Face Every Day

By Sydney Sullivan

The Hawaii legislature in 2018 started off wanting to make it a “Felony” if you rented a room in your home short term without the required licensing. Most folks are all for the necessary permit and, of course, paying the taxes. But making a vacation rental violation a felony – well, that went a bit too far.

Sometimes it feels like state and federal legislators don’t have a clue about what real-life Americans face every day. Legislators have always had a paycheck, even during the 2008 meltdown. While many folks were losing their homes, banks offered sweet refinance and payoff deals to legislators all over the country. Average homeowners couldn’t get a refinance or modification from 2008 through 2012 because the banks told them to miss 3 payments to qualify for HAMP and then denied homeowners the opportunity to reinstate their loan – because they were unknowingly in DEFAULT. Continue reading

Maui County Hawaii Leads America in Regulating Corporate Power

A step closer to getting big money out of politics

November 3, 2015

50005340-10542-001_VictorinoThank you, Maui County Council, under the leadership of Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee Chairman Mike Victorino, for passing Resolution 15-124 “Requesting Maui County’s Congressional Delegation to Support an Amendment to the

United States Constitution to Permit Congress and the States to Regulate the Influence of Corporate Power on the Political System.”

This resolution shows our County Council’s support of overturning the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision, which made it legal for corporations and other special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections, as long as they are “uncoordinated” with candidates. Continue reading

The Delusional Bench Squad – Collective Insanity?

By Sydney Sullivan

You may not like this movie. Wolf of Wall Street may be too vulgar. But if you are still invested in Wall Street there must be some vulgar demon or wannabe rich guy inside you that is too delusional to get out.
It’s no wonder why homeowners can’t get a fair shake in court because it appears the delusional sit above, behind and on the bench.

wolf LD money“Mark Hanna: We don’t create shit, we don’t build anything.
Jordan Belfort: No.
Mark Hanna: So if you got a client who brought stock at eight, and it now sits at sixteen, and he’s all f**king happy, he wants to cash it and liquidate and take his f**king money and run home. You don’t let him do that.
Jordan Belfort: Okay.
Mark Hanna: Cause that would make it real.

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Trouble in Paradise — Maui Foreclosures Allowed Without Proof of Standing or Full HRS §667-17 Compliance


See: KingCast and Mortgage Movies

“Truth crushed to Earth shall rise again, the eternal years of God are hers, but Error wounded writhes in pain and dies among His worshipers.”  The Battle Field – William Cullen Bryant. 1794–1878 Continue reading

PART I – CLUELESS KANGAROO – When the Court Jumps Over the Facts and Awards Foreclosure to the Banks

By Sydney Sullivan


KANGAROO JUDGEWe see all sorts of cases in foreclosure defense and just as many judicial personalities… goofy decisions, irresponsible and / or clueless judges but this one takes the cake! You would think that if you’re going to have your case heard by a trial judge – that he would be required to have some knowledge on the subject, right? Apparently, not in Hawaii’s Second Circuit Court.

A few years ago it appeared that many judges were just not up to speed on the foreclosure scheme, but lately it seems like there has to be a higher ilk that commands lower court to squash the homeowner and if they can afford to appeal, maybe then they’ll be worthy of some justice. Otherwise, presented with the evidence, acknowledging the bad paperwork and still ruling against the homeowner would be crazy or corrupt… or maybe both. This appears to be a case that would certainly seem to fit that synopsis. Continue reading

Two Judges Who Get It About Banks – Too Many Other Judges Don’t

Holm MissouriBig banks hold great sway in Washington these days, far more than troubled homeowners do. But outside the Beltway, many people remain caught in the maw of the financial giants, which is why it is heartening when some judges step into the fray.

Consider two opinions involving Wells Fargo, a bank that enjoys a somewhat better reputation than many of its peers. On Monday, a judge in a state court in Missouri ordered Wells to pay over $3 million in punitive damages and other costs for abusing a borrower. Then, on Thursday, a judge in Federal Bankruptcy Court in suburban New York ruled on behalf of another borrower, concluding that there was substantial evidence Wells Fargo forged documents when it foreclosed on a property. Continue reading

Fed up with politics? Be HIP – Hawaii’s Independent Party is Official

By Sydney Sullivan

INDEPENDENT-VOTERS-OBAMACARTOONBravo! The Hawaii Independent Party registered last week and the Office of Elections confirmed they had gathered enough signatures to be a certified political party.  The party is led by former Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares and Maui real estate agent Michelle del Rosario. This is a trend setting move for the rest of the country to follow.

How many times these last few years have we all bemoaned that the Republicans and Democrats are all the same? That they are a bunch of bank and big business bought and paid for politicians… that get nothing done … that the economy is still failing… that the debt is beyond repair and the buck just keeps passing along??? Well, Hawaii is doing something about it. It’s HIP!!!

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A Bankruptcy Nightmare – “This story is Just Crazy!”

By Sydney Sullivan

ashamed-americaJust when you think you’ve heard it all – and it just couldn’t get any worse than the last case… Well, in all honesty the following shockingly sad story is true – but if you have high blood pressure or a weak stomach for incompetent attorneys, or judicial conspiracy – you may not want to read or listen to it right before you go to bed because it contains facts and rulings that some readers and lawmakers may find disturbing.

Let’s start first with the disclaimer that not all attorneys or judges are created equal. And as Honolulu foreclosure defense attorney Gary Dubin puts it – “this story is just crazy” – it is morally bankrupt from top to bottom. This is a saga about a homeowner that was not in default, was sued in a falsified foreclosure action, the bank admitted it made mistakes, the homeowner retained attorneys that filed the homeowner in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (liquidation) when she had no debt (apparently not the best move?) – (BTW the link to Bar Grievances in on the DC front page right hand sidebar) – and the judges in both the bankruptcy and circuit courts ignored the fraud filed in their courts and ruled against the homeowner.

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Wells Fargo – Sand Canyon Fraud, Forgery = Unlawful Foreclosure.

Update – January 3, 2013:
The Dubin Law Firm Defense Team headed by Fred Arensmeyer worked out a loan reinstatement deal with Wells Fargo for the Phillips-Tehiva Family just before the holidays. Next time you are in Hana, stop by Braddah Hutts and have lunch with the Tehivas.  Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

UPDATE – January 3, 2012:
Wells Fargo has agreed to stay the eviction until the hearing of Feb. 7, 2012.

On Friday December 23, 2011 at 4:00 P.M., two days before Christmas, the Phillips-Tehiva Family of Hana, Maui, Hawaii, (6 children, mom, dad and grandmother) received notification of a “criminal trespass” eviction from their home, located on property which has been in the Phillips Family for more than 100 years.

The action, taken by Wells Fargo Bank, occurred after the Phillips-Tehiva Family filed a motion on Thursday, December 22nd for a hearing to review the court’s eviction order based on fraudulent and forged documents. Continue reading

Hawaii’s OccupyWallStreet Movement Speaks Out from Kauai, Maui, Hilo, Oahu

“We are a people at the full height of our power” sings the choir on Kauai, HI, site of the worlds’ largest missile test site, GMO testing fields, rising costs of education and crashing home values…in paradise. It’s real life in paradise.

Every island has their movement – please join! We are the 99% – united.  Whether you are Democrat or Republican – this is your fight.  Greed is not good. Wall Street has deliberately taken your property equity, savings, pension and retirement funds and gambled them away. Continue reading