The Rise and Fall of Securitized Trusts: Eleven Future Strategies To Dismantle Them in Their Retreat

Your Host: Attorney Gary Victor Dubin
Co-Host:  Former Hawaii Governor John D. Waihee 

At first, securitized trusts received obedient kowtowing from the American Judiciary, unwittingly deceived by, if nothing else, their long impressive titles including in their names the names of otherwise past respected financial institutions supposedly acting as their trustees.

And when securitized trusts, starting with the mortgage crisis of 2008, began their unending wave of foreclosures, they did so exclusively as mortgagees, since state foreclosure laws have always been written to exclusively authorize foreclosures on traditional mortgages only and not in favor of the holders of promissory notes. Continue reading


Idiot Decisions – Calculated Incompetence or Lack of Adequate Intelligence?

By Sydney Sullivan

Learn something newFor most of us education is an ongoing process.  Whether you are a professional, labor force, homemaker, just a kid or retired we are constantly learning – all of us… except some (but not all) judges, because when they get behind the bench in the black robe, all of a sudden their comprehension and quest for knowledge is severely dulled, yet they still roar like an angry old goat. 

You would think judges in Hawaii would be more compassionate to those folks losing their lands since it was only a little over 100 years ago, in 1893, when Hawaii was invaded by American businessmen, who overthrew Queen Liliuokalani and forced an illegal territorial annexation to the United States. Continue reading

Breaking News Report: Website Attacked

Gary Dubin FHShortly after posting the Foreclosure Hour press release yesterday for today’s program, became inaccessible and the site remains down today, reports the system’s administrator. Coincidence? Not likely.

The Foreclosure Hour promises to bring us compelling new and overwhelming evidence that even after a $25 BILLION dollar settlement and Consent Judgment – the banks’ continue to commit and produce forgeries. Click HERE to listen to the show today at 3 pm Hawaii time / 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. Spread the word, post to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and reblog this information everywhere possible as one of our leading news sites has been attacked. Thank you. published the following press release: Continue reading

SUNDAY on The Foreclosure Hour: Exclusive Tell-All Interview with Bank of America Robo Whistle Blower

In case you missed the show: Click HERE

SUNDAY on The Foreclosure Hour: Exclusive Tell-All Interview with Bank of America Robo Whistle Blower – Don’t MissThis One!

Sundays:  3 pm (HST) / 5 pm (PST) / 8 pm (EST)

Call toll free: (888) 565-8383

The topic for the Sunday, March 7th show will be: A genuine robo whistle blower who is going to reveal that he personally worked recently (four months ago) as part of an army of robo-signers in one of four Bank of America mortgage assignment manufacturing factories throughout the country (he will name their locations and give vivid details including names), falsifying loan documents, signing under oath not before notaries who have been similarly false swearing, for MERS and for the Big Banks such as Chase and for Securitized Trusts such as Bank of New York Mellon, as their supposed Assistant Vice Presidents and supposed Assistant Secretaries, negotiated the national settlement and even AFTER the Bank of America signed the AG National Settlement agreeing to stop the practice. Continue reading

You are the Jury. So vote – please!

Steve Nagy Incomplete StampYou (our readers) are the jury in a case where the Pro Se homeowner is fighting against 2 high power attorney firms (yeah, 2 Goliaths against a small David)… where the homeowner was denied a jury trial. The bank attorneys say that a Steven Nagy stamp – allegedly on the backside of a note, is the “original” document. The Plaintiff bank has entered the note as an original exhibit in the complaint.

Your vote counts – what do you think? Here is the undated, incomplete, Steve Nagy stamped page – allegedly to be the back side of the original note. What do your think? Please take the poll below or write a comment. Continue reading